Influenza B: A Tragic Tale

Up until Sunday night , I felt great. I felt fantastic! I had just accepted a new job and started in on my online training classes. Hubs was kind enough to assist in a midnight photo shoot for my profile. This was me at midnight:img_0369

By 2:00 am I was a shivering mess. No amount of blankets or fuzzy socks could warm the intense cold I felt. It was miserable. I ended up dropping the boys off of my mother in law’s house  Monday morning to drag my butt to the doctor.

Hello, Influenza B! We’re not friends, I assure you. I didn’t see you coming. Please leave. I have Tamiflu, Prednisone, essential oils, and tea.I offer them all on the sacrificial table to you, Influenza. Take them and leave!


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